Teacher Training

This requires daily study and reflection.  Reflection on the meaning of what was taught in lecture and more importantly, questioning of the process. By questioning, we invite the energy of the sages into our consciousness. By questioning, we invite our guru to our heart.  When the guru is summoned, the magic begins.  ~ SuDevi

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is an age old traditional practice, requiring attention to the "tradition" of the practice. For this reason, it is important to uphold tradition in the little things we do. I believe, when we uphold tradition, the sages of past quietly reward us. They reward us by giving us little gifts that show up when we least expect it. These little gifts are like "spiritual bombs" that explode in soft repercussions during our ever waking moment. In order to experience Yoga at its fullest spiritual potential we must regard the practice as more than exercise and more than a didactic exploration. 

Experienced & Registered Yoga Teacher Training (ERYT), registered under:

The Haven YOGA through Yoga Alliance


-Private, 1 on 1 Teacher Training
-Online Teacher Training
-Group Teacher Training

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