Susan Griego O’Connor – AAP, AP, C-TSA, C-IAYT, E-RYT                                       


Owner/Program Director - Full Circle Yoga, and SEVA Health and Wellness.

A native of Santa Fe, Susan is an experienced registered yoga teacher.  In addition she is a certified traumatic stress aide who uses yoga techniques to help those suffering from, mood disorders.  As a certified yoga therapist she uses her understanding of the physical body to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.  Having studied and practiced the Vedic Sciences for over forty years, she has taught over 12,000 yoga classes including International retreats and workshops. 

Coupled with a strong understanding of the physical body and her own yoga experience, Susan teaches in a way to best facilitate safety and optimize energy balance in the yoga postures.  

Having helped students of all ages overcome limitations from pain brought on by weakness, muscular imbalance or injury, Susan has a unique perspective on yoga as a tool for healing the body and ultimately the mind and soul. Beginning her meditation experience in 1977 and study of eastern philosophy and dream theory, Susan applies many techniques of the yoga tradition to help students achieve a greater appreciation of their practice as a whole.    

Susan is also an Ayurveda practitioner and owns Santa Fe's only need based health and wellness center, SEVA Health and Wellness.   

It is with the utmost of compassion and awareness to your needs, Susan shares her love of yoga.               

Full Circle Yoga - Santa Fe.

Studying and practicing the Vedic Sciences, since 1977, I am inspired to integrate Western and Eastern Modalities to help individuals attain better health and wellness. 

​As a Certified Traumatic Stress Aide, Susan helps individuals cultivate resilience following a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.  By providing coping strategies that include mindfulness mediation, breathing techniques and other relaxation protocols, the individual’s needs are met to help stabilize and address methods for adaptation and healing.  Crisis intervention and prevention strategies for secondary trauma are also utilized, for those who are caregivers or have experienced the trauma vicariously. 

In addition, Susan is an Ayurveda Practitioner and health educator.  Using the traditional ancient modality of Ayurveda for palliative and purification purposes, the individual seeking treatment is given easy to use protocols based on their specific mind and body proclivity.  Each client is treated as a respected partner in establishing the care best suited for their needs.  The treatments may include but are not limited to; herbal therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy and dietary recommendations. 

Practicing and teaching Yoga for over forty years, Susan uses Yoga Therapy to help those overcome physical injuries.  With a background in sports training and experience with a ride range of populations including, the aged, children and athletes, Susan provides both assisted stretching and strength training to help stabilize joints and bring balance to the muscles.  Utilizing all three modalities in the context of providing compassionate care is the main priority at SEVA Health and Wellness. 

The techniques I utilize for transformative self-awareness are:

• Meditation   • Pranayama   • Yoga Therapy   • Aromatherapy   

• Crystal Therapy     • Ayurveda   • Sound Therapy   • Light Therapy
• Mantra Therapy   • Vedic Astrology