Use this chakra meditation to bring awareness to the vibrant essence of your true nature, allowing yourself to transcend towards a reality of being complete in your understanding of your true self.

- SuDevi -


I began the practice of meditation in 1977, using self-guided techniques. Although I was not traditionally trained in meditation at this early stage, I had a strong resolve and understanding of meditation and its benefits. I now use and teach a variety of methods including guided, breathing, gazing and mantra repetition to invoke meditation.

The benefits of meditation include; reducing anxiety, stress and even blood pressure as it lowers respiratory rate and eases tension in muscles. The long term effects of meditation are beginning to be accepted and are now implemented in main stream allopathic centers to aid in the treatment of heart disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and wound healing.

Meditation practice can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time but will have to be part of an established routine in the beginning. I will work with you to customize a meditation that works best for you and your intentions.


Satu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara asevitah dridha bhumih
1:14 Patanjali Sutra.

The practice is attained to for a long time with great effort, 
no interruption and with consistency and devotion.