*Due to the current worldwide pandemic, Full Circle Yoga - Santa Fe, has been closed - permanently.

*Online Teacher Training is still available.

​From SuDevi (April 2, 2020):

Opening a Yoga Studio is always exciting and fueled by a passion rooted in community, peace and love. I’ve opened enough of them to know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to have a thriving base of like-minded practitioners who fuel the spirit of the Shala. Being in the “fitness industry” and opening large scale gyms with 100’s of employees and thousands of dollars of revenue daily, I also know what it takes to make a business thrive and be viable as a profession.

Closing a Yoga Studio is never easy and always pulls hard on my heart strings as I release the bond of shared practices rooted in community, peace and love. Today, I closed the doors forever at Full Circle Yoga, as I accepted the hard reality of the current Pandemic and my inability to pull enough resources together to keep the studio open. I cried, as I looked around the empty room before I closed the door behind me. I cried not so much for me but for every person who came from near and far to find healing of mind, body and spirit. I cried also because Yoga is my passion. It has guided me to greater depths of understanding of who I am and where I belong in this beautiful complex world. I’ll miss not being able to share this wonderful practice with others. I’ll miss seeing fear turn into happiness, weakness turn into strength and self-doubt turn into self-love.

In the end, Yoga prepares us for change. Yoga, has prepared me well. So, I smile knowing we all have better days ahead of us. I smile knowing I am a better person for having known all who came to Full Circle Yoga. I smile knowing that I am forever changed for having known you and that you will always be a part of my heart and soul.



  • Susan Griego O'Connor (SuDevi) -  BIO

Class Types and Class Times
Therapeutic Yoga (TY).  

TY integrates strength based postures with deep stretching.  

Slow Flow Yoga (SF).

SF utilizes Hatha Yoga postures in a controlled, slow-flowing sequence; facilitating awareness and breath control.


Susan, AKA: SuDevi, is an ERYT who has taught over 12,000 classes and over 2000 workshops and international retreats. Susan, brings her experience to meet your needs and interests.  Learn one on one and focus on the aspects of yoga that are meaningful to you. 

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Location / Address

1730 Camino Carlos Rey, Suite #205. Santa Fe, NM. 87507 - THIS LOCATION IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED


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