Health and Wellness, Naturally.

I began the study of Ayurveda with a yogic perspective; being highly interested in learning more about the Vedic sciences. It was clear to me early on, Ayurveda would be an avenue for expanding my awareness but more importantly, provide a way to help others gain awareness about their health and well-being.



My understanding of Ayurveda is fueled by a continued passion to help others gain balance in their lives naturally. I specialize in women’s health and mood disorders. In addition, I have had success treating skin ailments such as psoriasis and seasonal Allergic reactions. It is my belief that all imbalances of the Mind, Body and Soul can be effectively addressed and alleviated with Ayurveda.

Beginning the process of implementing Ayurveda in to your life can be as easy as a one, three or five-day cleanse. To start a cleanse; simply fill out the cleanse questionnaire. You will receive four seasonal cleanses specific to your mind-body proclivity. Cleansing, is a gentle process and should never have harsh side effects. I will design your cleanse to maximize the benefits and fit in to your lifestyle.

For those who are interested in addressing chronic health issues, please fill out the vikruti questionnaire to assess your mind/body proclivity. From this initial questionnaire I will assess your natural state of balance and teach you how to effectively use Ayurveda to realign your doshas and reclaim balance for your mind, body and soul.

As a nutritional counselor and Ayurveda Practitioner, I am able to further your knowledge of Ayurvedic Nutrition with one on one tutoring. Learn about the shad rasas or six tastes of Ayurveda and how to use them effectively in your diet. In addition you will learn how Ayurvedic nutrition can enhance your health and well-being by learning how to implement seasonal changes as well as derive natural food based solutions for ailments.